Energy healing 101 preview

This video will give you a preview of what to expect form the Reiki Intensive 1 online course. The techniques shown in the video Energy Healing 101 is a summary of the course which is available both online and live. The course qualifies as continued education credits for massage therapist. Other live courses are available for professionals to receive  continued education credits. 


Reiki Intensive Online Course

Angelic Qi Gong

This video explains the benefits of this wonderful ancient Chinese exercise. Qi Gong is a technique of strengthening and harmonizing your energy through the use of coordinated breath, visualization, and movements. Although there are many variations of Qi Gong, Angelic Qi Gong is a highly effective form gifted to us from the Arch Angels. 

Qi Gong Online Course

ra ma th om meditation

Enlighten The Soul and Mind

The Ra-Ma-Th-OM video is a channeled meditation that activates your light body. It is a method of amplifying your energy for global unity and harmony. It was a gift of love from the arch angel Metatron to humanity in order to help us in our ascension process. The Earth is a place of growth and is always undergoing change. This meditation will assist us in elevating our frequency in order to maintain harmony with our collective spiritual growth.

ra ma th om meditation