Natural Healing

  All therapies are done through a holistic mind body spirit approach which may include but not limited to one or more of the following techniques:  

Acupuncture, Energy Healing, Reiki, Oriental Herbs, Western Herbs, Dietary Supplements, Hypnosis and a personalized self assistance program in order to accelerate self healing.

Common conditions that benefit from therapy are:

 addictions, anxiety, cancer, depression, energetic obstacles, enhanced intuition, fertility, focus, hormonal balance, immune system
menopause, symptoms, pain management, pre & post surgery recovery, relationships, sinus, stress, etc.

Natural Skin

Acne - Get help through natural solutions with Natural Healing Inc. acne products for all types of acne from mild to severe. The treatment includes a deep facial cleansing, instructions on natural ways to control your personal acne challenge. 

Spots - consist of one or more of the following techniques : microdermabrasion, natural peeling, electro-coagulation system, depending on the depth of the spots.You will receive personal home care instructions.

Natural Peel - A non chemical peel which removes the skin. It can be used to remove scars, spots, wrinkles and dead skin.  

Non Surgical Face Lift - Tightens the skin to removes fine lines, wrinkles and breaks up pigment. It may include microdermabrasion, radio frequency system, electro - stimulation and ultrasound, personal aging prevention instructions.

Facial Veins - Are removed through an electro-cogulation system. 

Natural Body

Cellulite - may include microdermabrasion, vacuum therapy, cavitation, radio frequency. Personal instructions for prevention.

Hair Removal - includes transdermal or electro-coagulation system. 

Localized Fat Reduction - this treatment is accompanied with a diet and exercise program. It may consist of the use of Cavitation, lipolaser, radion frequency, lymphatic drainage and body wrap treatments. 

Scars - Removal of all types of scars through the use of one or more of  the following : microdermabrasion, natural peel, ultrasound.   

Skin Tags - Are removed through an electro-coagulation system. 

Stretch Marks - Diminished to a minimum through the use of  microdermabrasion, ultrasound, and radio frequency. 



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