Natural Solutions


We all want to maintain our youthful look for as long as possible or at least age gracefully. So I've listed some natural supplements that help your body produce collagen. There are products that state to have collagen but it is best to have the body produce it, since collagen is not easy to absorb. The following will allow your body to produce it's own collagen naturally.

Vitamin C

Vitamin E




Weight Management

Along with that girlish look goes a girlish figure, but the older we get the harder it becomes to maintain. So I've added a few helpful supplements to assist you with your goal. 

Garcinia Tea (this herb works best in its natural form)

L- Carnitine

Moringa Tea

Garcinia Tea

This tea works best in its natural form. It reduces appetite and it detoxes the liver. Making it an excellent way to remove excess fat not normally processed by the liver. It is good for weight loss but in addition, to cleanse the liver especially in the case of heavy drinking of alcoholic beverages.