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The workshop experience has opened my heart and mind in an amazing way. The proof was definitely in the pudding. The results I’ve seen during Natural Healing’s workshop could not be duplicated elsewhere or fabricated. Words do not do the experience justice. The room filled with peace, serenity and an overall sense of well being. I can’t wait for the next class so I can begin to give back this great gift. Thank you and with love.
Elizabeth Allen



Teresa Stepanov’s approach to healing mind, body and soul has helped a number of my clients. Her relaxation CD "Rebirth Of The Soul" is soothing and promotes overall well-being. Ms. Stepanov is truly dedicated to her work and this translates into overall improvement for her clients.
Vivian A.Perez, PsyD.

The anxiety level has decreased tremendously on the patients that have used the "Rebirth Of The Soul" CD.
Dr. Alina Nodal

I was guided to Teresa Stepanov by angelic forces in answer to my prayers. I can honestly say that I’ve benefitted immensely from her therapies and thank my angels for taking me to her. I would recommend her therapies to anyone that is in need of help from above.
Zoila Condom

My name is Lisa, I met Teresa over two years ago. At the time I had just lost my job and was going through some personal problems. Therefore, I decided to try one session of therapy with Teresa. The experience that I felt on that first session was something out of this world. For the first time things started to make sense. Thereafter, I took more therapy sessions and because of it, I view life in a more positive way. I’m no longer bitter or sad. Today thanks to Teresa’s therapies, I’m a stronger person with a positive outlook of life. As a result of my positive outlook my life has changed for the better.
Lisa Garcia

I have been using Natural Healing, Inc. products for over a year and a half and I have been able to see how my skin looks younger and healthy.

After trying literally everything on the market to improve acne and the appearance of scars, I finally found out about Natural Healing, Inc. The condition of my skin changed dramatically, words can’t describe how much better I felt since my skin started to look normal. I would recommend Natural Healing’s system of products and treatments to anyone wanting to improve because it truly works.
Heather Loreene

During the past year, I have had the distinct pleasure of having Teresa improve and beautify me. After a long battle with acne, I finally found the right recipe with Natural Healing, Inc. I had been treated by dermatologist and used every available remedy. But no treatment was as astonishing and noticeable as the treatment I received with Natural Healing, Inc. I would recommend anyone who has suffered to try Natural Healing’s treatment, techniques and products. Thanks to Teresa, I can go out in public with total confidence.
Judy Morillo

My acne was severe. I was depressed from seeing my face in the mirror. I had used every product in the market and none helped. I met Teresa and started going to her for treatments and using her products. In a short period of time I saw the improvements. Since then I only use her system and now I am a new person thanks to it. Now I have a new appearance and feel as if the world smiles upon me.
Elfin Nova

Anyone who would like to achieve a state of relaxation to the body or a state of deep meditation, would greatly benefit from the guidance of "Rebirth Of The Soul". The tone of Teresa's voice, the choice of music, the phrases used can easily transport a person to an altered state of mind. Because of the format of the CD the transition of the different states of relaxation feel natural and flawless.
—Andre Komissarov  

 Teresa cured me form depression and anxiety with acupuncture treatments.
My life changed completely, for good. I am very thankful for her help. 

---Cecilia Trusser

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