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Products for Home Care Use - Acne Wash, C-Spray, Acne Cream, Acne Mask. Contains vitamins, minerals and herbs (Aloe Vera, Echinacea, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Zinc). Proven home care system including 4 natural based products, deep cleansing, disinfecting, antibacterial, drying, acne control. For natural ways to control acne visit HEALING-QUEST.COM  see under Healing Modalities
Cost $50.00   

Products for Home Care Use - Honey Sugar Cleanser, Peach Scrub, C-Spray, Anti-Aging Cream and Moisture Plus Cream. Contains natural brown sugar & honey which are antiseptic, peach essential oil, grape-seed, and vegetable glycerine with rice, Collagen, Vitamin E, K, C, Selenium which repairs on a cellular level. Proven home care system includes 5 natural based products, age reversing, powerful antioxidants, moistens and firms. For natural ways to reverse the aging process visit HEALING-QUEST.COM  see under Healing Modalities
Cost $50.00
Acne Cream
Strong acne control action, contains
natural powerful anti-fungal, antibacterial
& antibiotic ingredients such as Tea Tree,
Echinacea, Zinc, Vitamin A, & C

Cost $15.00

Acne Mask 
Highly effective combination of
fresh water sponge, clay & Echinacea
that kill bacteria within 24 hours
after use
Cost $10.00

Acne Wash
Effective wash for acne or oily skin
dries oily areas, controls acne, removes
dead skin & cells with natural exfoliants,        whitens skin to diminish scars.
Cost $15.00

Moisture Plus
Rich with Vitamin E, antioxidant oils
and Collagen Protein which serve to
reverse and repair dehydrated skin
and reduce wrinkles. 
 Cost $10.00

Anti-Aging Cream
Contains minerals that actively repair & regenerate cell damage, high antioxidants, Vitamins & Collagen Protein that promotes elasticity & removes wrinkles.
Cost $10.00

Honey & Sugar Cleanser
Antiseptic, mild cleanser made with
wild flower honey and natural brown
sugar that is nourishing to the skin while
also removing the impurities.
Cost $10.00

   Peach Scrub
Rich with apricot seeds, fruit oils,
antioxidants, nutrients that serve to
remove dead cells for greater product penetration, also softens & clears the skin.
Cost $10.00

Concentrated Vitamin C, with natural ingredients and regenerating cell action
which combat acne, aging and spots
(best seller)
Cost $15.00
   Mineral Sunblock
Natural sunblock with zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, selenium for cellular repair, vitamin E, l-lysine for cellular regeneration
and jojoba oil.
Cost $15.00

 Muscle Pain Relief
Pure blend of essential oils that act as
natural pain relievers, strong menthol & wintergreen oils.
Cost $15.00

  Emu Oil
Pure emu oil used for it's healing & regenerating properties, promotes age
reversal & hair growth. 1oz.
Cost $15.00

Tea Tree Oil
Pure tea tree oil which has anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, drys skin & acne, heals wounds. 1oz.
Cost $10.00

Whitening Cream
Helps to lighten darkened areas of the
skin, contains a low % of hydroquinone,
vitamin E, C, selenium &
titanium dioxide.
Cost $15.00

Dieters' Drink
Natural Chinese Herbs that remove
excessive fat deposits, lets lipids (fats)
from the intestines flow out of the body through extra bowel movements
Cost $3.50
Purple Tea
Natural Chinese formula contains effective antibacterial, antioxidants to inhibit lipoprotein (fatty protein) that transport fat and cholesterol within the body through urination
Cost $3.50
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