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Reiki Intensive 1

With this course you will learn the benefit of changing the properties of water for healing purposes, how to see aura's and what is their significance, how to use colors to enhance your life and the foundation of your own energy, how to use it for self healing and to heal others. This course is certified upon completion. It is available for 8 hours of continued education credits for licensed massage therapist. This course is offered in Spanish.
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Reiki Intensive 1
Angelic Qi Gong

Qi is the energy of life and the foundation of the soul. Qi Gong is a simple exercise which uses breathing, visualization, & movement .This style of Qi Gong draws from universal divine light. It immediately expands your aura for greater protection, elevates your vibration and makes you less compatible with illness, brings you into balance, harmony  and well being. 
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